Past Events

Date    Title
03/24/2016 Trans-Pacific Partnership: How Washington Companies Can Benefit
02/24/2016 Managing International Payment Risk
11/10/15 Money for Small Business Exports
10/13/15 2015 Governor's Trader of the Year Awards
8/18/15 Kazakhstan: Export Opportunities and Challenges
6/22/15 Trade Data Analysis and Scorecards
5/20/15 Selling Internationally Online
11/13/14 2014 Governor's Trader of the Year Awards
8/7/14 Doing Business in China - Free Webinar
8/7/14 Export 101: From Your Door to the World
2/20/14 Money for Indirect Exports
1/22/14 Doing Business in Asia
10/17/13 Europe Market Forum
10/10/13 International Law and Protection of International Investments
3/12/13 India Market Overview for Washington Business
1/17/13 January Luncheon: Money for Small Business Exports
12/5/12 Holiday Magic: A Collaborative Networking Reception
11/14/12 2012 Annual World Trade Club Dinner feat. William J. Bernstein
10/2/12 U.S. Immigration and the Washington Technology Workforce
9/20/12 Money for Small Business Exports
8/8/12 Wine and Wisdom Series
2/28/12 A Conversation About Asia
1/26/12 Latin American Night
8/26/11 US-Korea Free Trade Agreement
3/21/11 2011 Governor's Trader of the Year Awards
2/18/11 Internationalization of the RMB
2/17/11 Expanding Business in Saudi Arabia
1/12/11 Celebrate Washington Wines
7/22/10 New Opportunities in Indonesia
7/17/10 BRIC: The Key to an Emerging Markets Business Strategy
5/11/10  The World Trade Club Celebrates AIESEC Program
2/17/10 China: The Next 5 Years
1/28/10 Doing Business in Canada
03/19/09 2009 Governor's Trader of the Year Awards
12/1/09 Holiday Membership Reception
10/6/09 Annual Dinner
8/26/09 India Dinner
7/22/09 RORO Vessel Tour
5/19/09 Trade Finance: What Comes Next
4/20/09 Strategies: International Partnerships
2/25/09 US Export Controls and Recent Developments
1/21/09 U.S. - Russia: A Cultural Tour
03/20/08 2008 Governor's Trader of the Year Awards
02/27/08 The Changing Landscape of Importing
12/4/07 2007 World Trade Club Annual Dinner
10/1/07 Vietnam Dinner Program
09/1/07 Vessel Tour in the Port of Seattle
6/1/07 Business Etiquette in Dubai and the Gulf States
5/1/07 Doing Business in Mexico
4/1/07 Doing Business in Japan
2/1/07 Navigating NAFTA Compliance Seminar