Past Programs

07/22/10New Opportunities in Indonesia
07/17/10BRIC: The Key to an Emerging Markets Business Strategy
04/28/10The Mechanics of Foreign Exchange Market
02/17/10China: The Next Five Years
01/28/10Doing Business in Canada
12/01/09Holiday Membership Reception 2009
10/06/09Annual Dinner
08/26/09India Dinner Program
07/22/09RORO Vessel Tour
06/18/09Export Management and Compliance Program
05/19/09Trade Finance: What Comes Next
04/20/09Strategies - International Partnerships
04/19/09Governor Trader of the Year Awards Reception
02/25/09U.S. Export Controls and Recent Developments
01/21/09U.S. Russia: A Cultural Event
12/04/07WTC Annual Dinner
10/01/07Vietnam Dinner Program
09/01/07Vessel Tour in the Port of Seattle
06/01/07Business Etiquette in Dubai and the Gulf States
05/01/07Doing Business in Mexico
04/01/07Doing Business in Japan
02/01/07Navigating NAFTA Compliance Seminar